The Land Of Sunshine reel

By Martin Mulhaire

Also known as Andy McGann, Great Eastern, The Great Eastern, Jacket Of Batteries, John Bowe’s, John Bowe’s Favourite, The Saxaford, Tír Sa Ġrian.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Land Of Sunshine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
C2EC B,DGF|EccB cGEG|FAdc BGFD|1 DCB,D ~C3G,:|2 DCB,D ~C3e||
|:ge~e2 fdBd|cedB cGEG|FAdF EGce|fed^c defa|
ge~e2 fdBd|cedB cGEG|FAdc BGFD|1 DCB,D ~C3e:|2 DCB,D ~C3G,||
X: 2
T: The Land Of Sunshine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3A,B,C|"D"D2FD "A"CEAG|"D"Fddc dAFA|"Em"GBeG "D"FADF|"Em"GFED "A"CEA,C|
"D"D2FD "A"CEAG|"D"Fddc dAFA|"em"GBed "A"cAGE|EDCE "D"D2:|
|:fg|"D"afdf "A"gece|"D"df"A"ec "D"dAFA|"Em"GBeG "D"FAdf|"Em"gee^d "A"efg^g|
"D"afdf "A"gece|"D"df "A"ec "D"dAFA|"Em"GBed "A"cAGE|EDCE "D"D2:|

Sixteen comments

The Land Of Sunshine

Composed by Martin Mulhaire. Transcribed from a live recording of Brid Harper & Dermot Byrne.

I wonder if anyone will spot the irony in my posting this… 🙂

Well, northern OZ is heading into “The Wet” about now.

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Good try 🙂

Hmmmm….it’s usually in D when I’ve heard it. Are we making a point about not cutting and pasting?

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Or is this a political irony?

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The Sun is certainly shining over here in Perth this afternoon.
I know this tune from somewhere else and when I get home I am going to have to try and track it down. I can’t post a setting “as I play it” but maybe as I hear it….
I used to play with someone who played this tune quite a bit and a great tune it is too.

I know this tune as Jacket of Batteries, from De Danann’s album of that same name.

Seamus and Manus Maguire also recorded it on their cd Carousel, as The Great Eastern.

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The Great Easter - that’s it, thanks Will you have saved me wracking my brains.

The Silver Spire is a similar tune in D, which sometimes goes by the name “Great Eastern Reel”. This is a different tune. It was composed in C major and given this title, so stop playing it in D and make an effort 😉 Will, you’re right about the political irony. Once everyone wanted to live there, now everyone wants to move out ’,:-⌡

Silver Spire I know. The Maguires play this tune on Carousel and call it the Great Eastern. Perhaps their mistake?

Political was my first instinct…so what did I win? 🙂

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Could easily be my mistake, Will. Whatever it’s called, it’s a damn nice tune. You win a copy of “Celtic Moods” - brand new copy, never been out of its cellophane.

Oh joy. :-|

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John Carty plays it awesomely on “Across the Waters: Irish Traditional Music from England”, confusingly listed as Finbar Dwyer’s on the sleeve!

Mulhaire’s title

Martin told me that “The Land of Sunshine” was a reference to the USA, as compared to Ireland.

Andy McGann

X: 1
T: Andy McGann
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
|:(3A,B,C|“D”D2FD “A”CEAG|“D”Fddc dAFA|“Em”GBeG “D”FADF|“Em”GFED “A”CEA,C|
“D”D2FD “A”CEAG|“D”Fddc dAFA|“em”GBed “A”cAGE| EDCE “D”D2:||
|:fg|“D”afdf “A”gece|“D”df“A”ec “D”dAFA|“Em”GBeG “D”FAdf|“Em”gee^d “A”efg^g|
“D”afdf “A”gece|“D”df “A”ec “D”dAFA|“Em”GBed “A”cAGE| EDCE “D”D2:||

Re: The Land Of Sunshine

Is there more than a passing resemblance to Seán Ryan’s (Nenagh) The Blue Ball?