Shannandoah Falls hornpipe

Also known as Shannandah Falls, Shenandoah Falls.

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Nine comments

Shannandoah Falls

From the playing of the Wrigley Sisters on Hulderland CD Trax 148 . It is played dotted.Otherwise author unknown

Wrong note

The “B” that is the final note of the first and fifth measures should be an octave lower. It’s a good tune - the version I know is more syncopated in the second section.

Section length

Nice tune, but I was just wondering if it was you intention to have the B-section a bar longer than the A-section?

Shannandoah Falls

Apologies yes the B’s refered to shold be an octave lower…and bar 7 of the B music should be deleted ….too much ale when typing up!!

Shannandoah Falls ~ in Amerikay ~

Where they tend to play this flat, no swing, popularly for dances, in particular contras/longways dances for as many as will, the length of the hall - generally walked…

|: cd |
e2 ef edcB | ABcA d3 d | cBAc BAGB | ABAF E2 cd |
e2 ef edcB | AB (3cBA d3 d | cBAc BA G2 |1 A6 :|
2 (A4 A)cBA ||
|: F4 B4 | F2 A(B B)A F2 | A2 cA BcAB | cAB(c c)B A2 |
F4 B4 | F2 A(B B)fed | cBAc BA G2 |1 (A4 A)cBA :|
2 A6 ||

Re: Shannandoah Falls

This is one tune that I’ve tried on the fiddle, quite satisfying to play and not too hard. Is the title re that same Shannandoah of the song (Away I’m bound to roam ’cross the broad Missouri). Falls of the Missouri? Shannandoah - Indian chief in the song.

Wrigleys’ version is not too much like the version I play.

Re: Shannandoah Falls

The local contra dance/folk dance society likes to use this tune for their dances. We play this “flat, no swing” (to quote Ceolachan) for the contra and longways dances. The version we use is most similar to the one which was posted by “NfldWhistler” but our version is slightly different. We know it under the title of “Shenandoah Falls”. I don’t know where our bandleader (a fiddler) found this version but I could ask him where he found it.


Re: Shannandoah Falls

X: 4
T: Shannandoah Falls
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
“A”e2 ef edcB|ABcA “D”d3 d|“F#m”c2cd cBAc|“E”BAGF E2 cd|
“A”e2 ef edcB|AB (3cBA “D”d3 d|“F#m”cBAc “E”BA G2|1 “A”A3G ABcd:|2“A”A3G ABAG||
|:“Bm”F4 B4|F2 A(B-B)A F2|“A”E2 cA BcAB|cAB(c-c)B A2|
“Bm”F4 B4|F2 A(B-B)fed|“A”cBAc “E7”BA G2|1“A”A3G ABAG:|2“A”A3GA2||