The Buckfast 5 reel

By Donald Shaw

Also known as Five For Buckfast.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Buckfast 5
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
d2 dB de dB AB|dc BA FA B2 BA|
dB de dB dB AB|FA BF ED E2 E2|
X: 2
T: The Buckfast 5
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e/f/gB AGA Bd ed|e/f/gB AGA B2 B2|
g2g ega ge de|gfe dBd e2 ed|
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Composer and stuff

We were told the composer the other night when we learned this tune, and although his name is just on the tip of my tongue - I can’t remember. I’ll update when I do, or maybe someone else will helpfull put me out my misery.

I like tunes in odd time signatures altho I never know what to play afterwards.

Also, living in Glasgow, the name Buckfast brings pleasant thoughts of walking out my flat after a Rangers game to find the street artfully strewn with empty bucky bottles - the joys of living in Ibrox.

Tune Origin

Hey!! This tune was written by Donald Shaw from Cappercaille as part of the Harvest Project which was a commision written by Donald to open the Last eltic Connections festival (which me ad some mates played in). Who did you learn this tune from?????

Aye one of them harvest tunes! Another groovy tune by monsiuer shaw

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aye as a harvester where did you learn it from????

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Who did i learn this tune from

Lori Watson taught us this tune at Glasgow Fiddle Workshop the other week. We’ve been playing it with Farewell to Whalley Range (9/8).

lovely tune. gonna have to learn this one, along with the “Humours of Buckfast” reel also found in this site.
mmmmmmmmm buckfast!
slurp slurp

whoever attempts to write a tune in 5/4 has definatly had a few bottles of bucky!
and thank god for it! for otherwise we wouldn’t have this cracker of a tune.

i think 5/4 takes a bitta gettin used to but it get adictave once you have.

At The Harvest thing in Aviemore yesterday, Donald Shaw said it was written about a Pipe Band.

McGoldrick Version

From *Wired*:

K: Emin
|: e/f/gB AGA Bd ed | e/f/gB AGA B2 B2 |
e/f/gB AGA Bd ed | Bde BAG A2 A2 :|
|: g2g ega ge de | gfe dBd e2 ed |
geg age ge de | Bde BAG A2 A2 :|

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Re: Buckfast

Buckfast wine? That is terrible stuff. Met a homeless lad in Glasgow who is addicted to the stuff. Not a bad lad but when he’s swallowed a bottle and a half, he turns violent and nasty.
Enough said.

Re: Buckfast

Totter and fall over - tho does taste q pleasant.