My Love Is Like A Red Red Frog waltz

Also known as My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose, My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose, My Luv’s Like A Red, Red Rose, My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose.

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One setting

X: 1
T: My Love Is Like A Red Red Frog
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AF|D4 D2|E4 F2|d4 c2|B4 A2|B4 A2|B2 d4|e6|d2 e2 f2|D4 D2|E4 F2|d4 c2|B4 A2|B4 A2|B2 c4|d6|A2 B2 c2| d2 f4|e4 d2|b2 d4|A4 F2|A4 A2|g4 f2|f6|e4 a2|f2 a4|f4 d2|B2 d4|A4 F2|A4 A2|B4 c2|d6|d6||

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Yes this is really the title.I wonder how you would get a red red frog, other than run over one or put it through the blender🙂

My Love Is Like A Red Red Frog (waltz)

There is indeed a species of frog that is red. I saw a photo of one on tv fairly recently, but I can’t remember the name.


Trevor, aren’t red frogs posionous? If so then your love is like a poisonous frog?

My Love Is Like A Red Red Frog (waltz)

I expect you’re right about them being poisonous. The red coloration would be a vivid warning to predators.

You sure it’s not my love is like a red rose?

…"my love is like a French Communist"? Cool!

yes I’m sure it’s NOT my love is like a red red rose!

Red Frogs - like poison arrow frogs. They live in South America. They have poison skin - if you touch them you die. South American Indians cook them and tip their arrows in the poisonous goo. But I don’t think "My Love is like a South American poison arrow frog with toxic red skin" has such a good ring to it.. 🙂

I was just wondering, where did you hear that tune? There is no mention of any recordings… Do you know where it comes from??

Rabbie Burns - Rose!

This most definitely is the tune to "My Love Is Like A Red, Red ROSE", by Robert Burns, and recorded mainly by Scottish "tartan/shortbread tin" singers such as Moira Anderson or Kenneth McKellar. It would be regarded as very hackneyed in Scotland’s traditional music circles [ maybe even "daggy" ], but is a beautiful song when sung by someone like Rod Paterson or Sheena Wellington.
Was "moongirl" really the only one to spot this?
The high "b" note is an octave too high.
Madflo - if you really want me to track down some recordings of the song for you, just ask. There is a 10 CD complete set of all the songs of Burns which was released last year. These recordings were made by some of our finest traditional singers and are "folk" arrangements. You can obtain these CDs singly, you don’t have to buy the whole set. I’m pretty sure that Rod Paterson would be the one who sings this song, and he does it very well too. Another singer who recorded it was Jean Redpath.

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Title change please

and "snowyowl" - please do us all a favour and give the air it’s correct title. Thank you.

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Red Red Rose

Great tune. The angels use it with "Si John Fenwick’s the flower amang them aa’" and a French waltz whose name I can’t remember but which has a rose connection for the Rozsa waltz.
Noel Jackson
Angels of the North

Not Rod Paterson

Madflo - I remembered that there are 2 tunes to this song, and Rod Paterson sings the older one which is not the tune snowyowl has posted, so you might not want his version, even though for my money, it’s the best I’ve heard. The CD set I mentioned is on the Linn records label - 12 CDs, 368 songs.
snowyowl - would you please change the title? Although he wrote about things like haggis, a louse, a mouse, and did on occasion mention "a puddock", Scotland’s national poet never wrote any song or tune called "My Love Is Like A Red, Red FROG".

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Older version

I know and play the older version which I’ll post tomorrow. There is also a strahspey version of this(older version) by Niel Gow called Major Graham. I’m not sure if it’s already on the database. If not, I’ll post it too.

I’ve posted Major Graham as promised. The tune is so similar to the original air of "My love is like a red red rose" that I don’t see the need to post both. Check it out at you leisure.

Snowy Owl, you seem to really believe that you have the correct title here but I can assure you that that Moongirl and Kenny are absolutely spot on when they give it as "My love is like a red red *rose*".

I think "frog" is much more fitting.

Loves that are like red red frogs

In Nottingham, that’s what love is like (red frog, my love is like a red):

Maybe that’s where Snowy got the title. Maybe lovers have exceptionally strong poison antibodies in Nottingham, and maybe frogs are held in higher esteem than roses there. When’s the last time you saw a highway bypass built for a rose?

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Eddie reader

eddie reader does a nice version 🙂