One recording of a tune named
John Brosnan’s
With a tune named
Bedford Cross

John Brosnan’s (polka) is also known as Brosna No.2, The Brosna, Dan Callahan’s, John Brosnan’s, Johnny O’Leary’s, Johnny O’Leary’s #2, Johnny O’Leary’s No 2, Johnny O’Leary’s No. 2, Johnny O’Leary’s No.2, Nell Fee’s, Nell Fees, Nell Fees’, The Newmarket, Sean Hennigan’s, Timmy O’Connor’s.

Bedford Cross (slide) is also known as Apple Blossom, Barrett From Clonmel, Denis Murphy’s, Dorin’s, The Lonesome Road, Mary O’Riordan’s, The Paper Plate, Teahan’s #2, Teahan’s No. 2, Terry Teahan’s #2, Terry Teahan’s No. 2.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 10 by Matt Cunningham

  1. Terry Teahan’s No. 2
  2. Timmy O’Connor’s
  3. Johnny Leary’s