The Tartar Frigate reel

By Matt Seattle

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Tartar Frigate
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:dD (3DDD cDAD|(3DDD dD cdec|dD (3DDD cdAG|EAGE DEGA|
dD (3DDD cDdD|(3DDD dD cdeg|agef dcAG|EDCE (3DDD (3ABc:|
~d3 e fdge|aA (3AAA gAaA|(3AAA ge dece|dcAG ABcA|
~d3 e fdge|aA (3AAA gAeA|(3AAA ce dcAG|EDCE (3DDD (3ABc|
~d3 e fdge|aA (3AAA gAaA|(3AAA ge dece|dcAG ABce|
agef dcAB|cAGF ECGE|(3DDD dD cdAG|EAGE D4|

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The Tartar Frigate

Composed by Matt Seattle.

Thats the way its supposed to sound Jim. I love this tune Jocklet - nice one.

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The Tartar Frigate

They’re not triplets,but rolls.The ABCmus program plays them more less the way they’re supposed to sound,but midi doesn’t do them justice.Ignore the midi and play it the way it’s written.

The Tartar Frigate

I hadn’t looked at the sheet music when I posted .I was referring to the rolls in the B part which never seem to sound right in midi.The triplets in the A are correct,that’s the way that Kathryn Tickell and Matt Seattle play it,and in all my tune books triplets are written like that.I would’t know of any other way to notate them.

The Tartar Frigate

I’ve just listened to the midi and the rolls don’t come out at all,just dotted quarter notes.Copy the abc and paste it into abcmus or abcfiddle to hear a better approximation.


Hey, this is a cool tune. I heard it on "I Won’t be Afraid Anymore" by Nomos.

Tartar Frigate

This is a serious hard tune and some technonerds are debating how a machine should play it.
The debate is sterile.
A machine cannot play this tune properly.
Go listen to Matt Seattle otherwise do not even go there. Even the sheet music fails to do this one justice.
Angels of the North

The Tartar Frigate

I’m not a technonerd,(quite the opposite in fact), I replied because I thought that I’d notated the triplets properly.We all know that a computer program can’t play ITM tunes.

Mick McAuley plays this tune for his solo on the first Solas DVD. It’s a phenomenal tune.

Love Mick McAuley’s playing on this tune as well.

Just smokes it.

Re: The Tartar Frigate

Does anyone have guitar/accordion chords for the reel "The Tartar Frigate"?