Two recordings of a tune named
The Dublin
With a tune named
The Blackhaired Lass

The Dublin (reel) is also known as My Heart Is In Dublin.

The Blackhaired Lass (reel) is also known as The Black Haired Lass, The Black-Haired Lass, Cailín Na Gruaige Doinne, Cailín Na Gruaige Duibhe, The Dark Haired Lass, The Dark-Haired Lass, The Kilcogy, Molly Will You Do It?, Smokey House.

Farewell To Ireland CD 2 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists

  1. The Blackhaired Lass
  2. The Dublin

Scotch Mary by Various Artists

  1. The Black-haired Lass
  2. The Dublin