One recording of
The Lisnagun
Will You Come Home With Me

The Lisnagun (jig) is also known as Brendan Ring’s, Lisagun, Lisagun, The Lisagun, Lisna Gun, Lisnagan, Lisnagan, Lissagan, Lissagun, Lissagun, The Lissagun, Mad Piper.

Will You Come Home With Me (jig) is also known as An D’Tiocfaid Tu Abaile Liom, An D’Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom, An DTiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom?, An Tiochfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom, Michelle’s, Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom, Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom?, Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile?, Will You Come Home With Me ?, Will You Come With Me?, Won’t You Come Home With Me.

Collaborations by Mark Lysaght

  1. An DTiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom?
  2. The Orphan
  3. The Lisnagun