Three recordings of
The Lisnagun
Aaron’s Key

The Lisnagun (jig) is also known as Brendan Ring’s, Lios Na GCon, Lisagun, The Lisagun, Lisna Gun, Lisnagan, Lissagan, Lissagun, The Lissagun, Mad Piper.

Aaron’s Key (jig) is also known as Aaron’s Quay, Aarons Key, Erin’s Key.

First Set by The Hatfield Sisters

  1. Aaron’s Key
  2. Christy Barry’s
  3. Liznagun

Gan Bua by Gan Bua

  1. Lissagun
  2. Aaron’s Key
  3. The Handsome Young Maidens

Live At Martyrs' by Bua

  1. Lisnagun
  2. Aaron’s Quay
  3. The Handsome Young Maiden