One recording of a tune named
The Lisnagun
With a tune named
The Roaring Barmaid

The Lisnagun (jig) is also known as Brendan Ring’s, Lisagun, Lisagun, The Lisagun, Lisna Gun, Lisnagan, Lisnagan, Lissagan, Lissagun, Lissagun, The Lissagun, Mad Piper.

The Roaring Barmaid (jig) is also known as Mrs. Oswald’s Favorite, Mrs. Oswald’s Favourite, The Roarin Barmaid, The Roaring Bar Maid, Tony O’Sullivan’s.

Are You Willing? by Tabache

  1. Jug Of Brown Ale
  2. Tony O’Sullivan’s
  3. The Lisnagun