Brady’s reel

Also known as A View From Across The Valley, Brady’s, John Brady’s, The View Across The Valley.

There are 13 recordings of this tune.

Brady’s has been added to 3 tune sets.

Brady's has been added to 58 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Brady's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
de|:fdedB2GB|AFF2ABde|fded BAFA|Beede2de|
fdedB2GB|AFF2ABde|faa2bfaf|dBAG FDD2:|
|:faa2 bgaf|dBB2 AFF2|A3B defd|e2df eBB2|
faa2 bgaf|dBB2 AFF2|A3B defe|dBAG FDD2:|

Seven comments

Brady’s Reel

This is the tune played on the Fisher Street recording.


Does anyone know if (John?) Brady wrote this?It’s one of my favourite tunes at the moment and is impossible to get out of my head,or stop causing me involuntary twitches.

Yes, John Brady wrote this

Catherine McEvoy says this is one of John Bradys best tunes. He certainly did write it, along with the great jig commonly known as Karen Tweed’s. Somebody learned that jig from KT and named it after her. Then Mary Custy learned it from KT and recorded it, and then somebody learned it from Mary Custy and called it Custy’s. But the real name of that famous jig is "Macintyre’s Fancy."
So let’s call this reel John Brady’s and leave it at that.

The tunes title is "A view from across the valley" according to the sleeve notes from the album "Notes from the Heart" by the Mulcahy family


Not exactly Adorian is it!?

More like D major

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