A Fish Out Of Water reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Fish Out Of Water
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emix
eB~B2 gBeB|~B2eB dBAF|E2BE cEBc|dfcf Bcdf|
eB~B2 (3gag fg|eAce BE~E2|D2cA EAFA|1 dffe dBAd:|2 dffe dBAF||
|:BE~E2 cEBE|~E2BE AFDF|E2BE cEBc|dfcf BAFA|
BE~E2 BEEc|dB~B2 AFDC|B,F~F2 AFAB|1 dffe dBAF:|2 dffe dBAd||

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A Fish Out Of Water

This is one of my own compositions.

Oh, come on, Dow - you can do better than that!!

(Erm, the comment, that is, not the tune.)

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I may be missing the point of the tune as intended but the G sharps don’t quite sound right. I am relying on lilting/humming the tune to myself here at work so it’s not quite the same as having an instrument to fiddle with.
Did you write this with any particular fish in mind. I have a 10 yr old goldfish called Oscar who refuses to die despite the fact that he can’t swim upwards without rolling onto his side because his buoyancy is in his ass so that he is always pointing downwards. It makes it difficult when he wants to feed from the fish-food that floats on the surface.

The point of the G#s, I suspect, is to combine Dow’s love for the mixolydian mode with a desire to annoy us fiddlers with a predilection for E aeolian and dorian.

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Dow, I love your G sharps! Great tune.

Tish, I have to admit to not being able to remember why I gave the tune this name - sorry. The fish was probably me though. As for the G#s, you’re right about my love for the mixolydian mode - especially Emix. I don’t find the G#s weird - in fact because of the way the tune’s written I don’t think it would work very well with Gnats.

If the fish was probably you, I must definitely learn this tune - that’s a feeling I know very well!

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Donough, I have Canberra friend who has a fish just like that and it’s completely blind, into the bargain. The little feller spends all his time sifting grit off the bottom, which must be how he survives - even he can find the bottom of the tank when he bangs his nose on it, and some of the food must end up down there.

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Great tune to play on the banjo!

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