Kate Martin’s waltz

By Blair Douglas

Also known as Bhalsa Ceit Mhartainn.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Kate Martin's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GA|:B2 BA Bg|e2 ed GA|AB B4|B4 GA|B2 BA Bg|e4 dB|
BA AG AB|A4 GA|B2 BA Bg|e2 ed GA|Bd dB de|d4 GA|
B2 BA Bg|A2 AG G/A/B|1 AG G4|G2 GF GA:|2 AG G4|G2 GA Bd||
e2 ed eg|ed d2 GA|Bd dB de|d4 Bd|e2 ed eg|ed d2 db|
BA A4|A4 gG|d2 dg gG|e2 eg gG|d2 dB de|d4 GA|
B2 BA Bg|A2 AG G/A/B|AG G4|G2 GA Bd|e2 ed eg|ed d2 GA|
Bd dB de|d4 Bd|e2 ed e/f/g|ed d2 e/f/g|a4 fe|d2 g g2 G|
Bd dB gG|ce eG gG|Bd dB de|d4 GA|B2 BA Bg|A2 AG G/A/B|AG G4|G4||
X: 2
T: Kate Martin's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D GA|:B3 A Bg|e3 d GA|B4- Bc|B3 D GA|
B3 A Bg|e4 dB|(3BdB A3 G|F3 D GA|
B3 A Bg|e3 d GA|B d4 e|d4 GA|
B3 A Bg|A3 G AB|(3ABA G3 F|1 G3 D GA:|2 G2 GA Bd|:
e3 d eg|e2 d2 GB|d3 B de|d4 Bd|
e3 d eg|e2 d3 e/g/|a6-|a3 G gG|
B d2 G gG|c e2 G gG|B d2 B de|d4 GA|
B3 A Bg|A3 G AB|(3ABA G4-|1 G3 A Bd:|2 G6||

Nine comments

Composed by Blair Douglas. This is my setting so I’m not sure if it is the normal one but it is a good tune.

Kate Martins Waltz

There is a great saxaphone player frequents one of the pubs we play in and I thought it would be good craic to do a set with him. Kate Martins waltz came to mind as a fine tune that the sax sits well with. Any suggestions for another couple of tunes that could handle a well played sax.
Many thanks to snowyowl for the setting.


Luv this tune

its beutiful; on the Clarsach n all !!!! mj o

Kate Martin’s waltz

I found a copy of this tune in an old tune book, Ceol nam Feis (1996), in an Oxfam store in Edinburgh this summer when I was looking for anything in Gaidhlig to practice learning the language. Music was the only things they had, and I picked this one up for 2 pounds.

The tune notes say it was "written in 1989 for Kate Martin, then living in Inverasdale, Wester Ross." She is "one of the founders of Feis Rpis, Feis Lochaber Bheo, and Feisean nan Gaidheal. Kate now lives in Dundee, where she lectures in Community Education." Wherever she is now, she should be proud of her namesake.

This is my current favorite tune and I am trying to learn it the way Blair plays it on his Beneath the Beret album. He also recorded it again on his Leanaidh Mi - I will Follow album, but that was done in a more traditional, lyric style.

The first version seems to me to be more strathspey like; I like the "parpiness" of Blair’s accordion more, and am trying to reproduce that on my fiddle (not easy). I would love to hear it on the Scottish bagpipes.

Here are both versions, so you can hear the difference:



And here is Blair playing it in a bar in Louisiana, Cajun style:


Blair Douglas’ albums

Blaire’s albums are not generally available here in the US, especially the early ones, and I bought them as CD’s from musicscotland.com. I am waiting for them to come in, along with the tunebook he published (available from the same site). In the meantime, I must content myself with youtube.

Re: Kate Martin’s

This tune appears, unattributed, with the title "Kate Martin’s Waltz" as a slow march (in 2/4!), "Arranged by 1st Battalion Scots Guards".
You can hear their take here:

I wonder how Blair Douglas feels about being "Anonymous".

Re: Kate Martin’s

I should have said, "in Scots Guards Volume III", one of several strange and unattributed or misattributed arrangements therein.

Re: Kate Martin’s

It’s a very "swingy" waltz, thanks to more dotted notes and "snaps" than shown in either of the scores above, though Annie’s one is nearer to how Blair plays it (and us in our band!)
The pipe version is still in a very fast 3/4, though perhaps they wrote it down as 2/4 or even 6/8?