Eight recordings of
The King’s
Calum Breugach

The King’s (reel) is also known as King Georges, Kings, The Kings, Port An Righ.

Calum Breugach (strathspey) is also known as Calam Breugach, Callam Breugach, Callum Breugach, Callumbrauch, Calum Breuagh, Calum Breughach, Calum Brogach, Calum Brouche, Calum Brougach, Calum Crubach, Lying Malcolm, Malcolm The Liar.

A Compilation by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome To The Shetlands
  2. Kings
  3. Sandy Cameron
  4. O’er The Isles To America
  5. King George
  6. Callum Breugach
  7. Captain Campbell
  8. The Headlands

Four On The Floor by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Headlands
  2. Captain Campbell
  3. Callam Breugach
  4. King George (V)
  5. O’er The Isles To America
  6. Sandy Cameron
  7. King’s
  8. Cape Breton’s Welcome To The Shetlands

Full Circle by Bill Lamey

  1. Gloomy Winter’s Now Away
  2. The Wauking Of The Fauld
  3. Calum Breugach
  4. Miss Lyall
  5. King George IV
  6. The King’s
  7. Miss Lyall
  8. Little Donald’s Wife

Leahy by Leahy

  1. Captain Campbell
  2. The High Road To Linton
  3. Shetland Island Welcome
  4. Kings
  5. The Old King George
  6. Calam Breugach
  7. Shetland Reels
  8. The Devil’s Dream

Live From Gatineau, Quebec by Leahy

  1. The Old King George
  2. Devil’s Dream
  3. High Road To Linton
  4. Shetland Island Welcome
  5. Kings
  6. Calam Breugach
  7. Captain Campbell

The Driven Bow by Alasdair Fraser And Jody Stecher

  1. Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip To Boston
  2. Father Francis Cameron
  3. Cape Breton Symphony’s Welcome To The Shetland Isles
  4. Captain Campbell
  5. Malcolm The Liar
  6. King George IV
  7. King’s
  8. Old Time Wedding Reels

The Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2 - Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists

  1. Miss Lyle’s
  2. The King’s
  3. George The Iv
  4. The Duke Of Athol
  5. Calum Breugach
  6. Angus Ronald Beaton

The Tap Session by Andrea Beaton

  1. Memories Of Father Donald Michael Rankin March
  2. Editor’s Favourite
  3. Callum Breugach
  4. King George V
  5. Creignish Hills
  6. Picnic
  7. King’s
  8. Jack Daniel’s
  9. Miss Betty Ann Gordon