Sproggies reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sproggies
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eAAG ABcd|ea (3aaa aged|BccA BAGA|Bdga c'bag|
aAAG ABcd|ea (3aaa aged|cd (3efg abbc'|bagb (3efg ab|
aAAG ABcd|ea (3aaa aged|cccd egab|c'e (3eee bgab|
aAAG ABcd|ea (3aaa aged|cd (3efg abbc'|bagb (3efg ab|
aa'a'g' a'g'e'd'|c'aaa bage|dega bgab|d'gab d'g'f'g'|
g'a'a'g' a'g'e'd'|c'2 c'a bage|dega bgab|aged dABG|
Aa'a'g' a'g'e'd'|c'aaa bage|dega bgab|d'gab d'g'f'g'|
bc'bg a2 (3eed|fdcG dBAG|ABcd (3efg ab|c'bag (3efg ab|

Six comments

This is a reel by Mick McAuley, taken from the Solas album "The Words That Remain", where it is played by Seamus Egan.
It is my first ABC posting ever, so any comments and constructive criticism is kindly welcome

(Apart from criticising my grammatical mistakes - I know I should’ve written "are kindly welcome")

Past Tense - ‘welcomed’ 😉

Fair first try - what a bow full of a tune. I can just see "Can I have more sir?" There were a couple of drops I wondered about, but you did better than I did on my first attempt…

I think that maybe the two "cs" in the second bar of the sixth line should read as "c’s". According to your abc it seems that you want c’2c’a (for some reason the sheet music has not recognised your two quavers). If however you write c2’ (as you have done) the ’ is ineffective and the lower octave is posted. On the last line the programme again seems to be at fault - in the second bar of this line your abc clearly asks for a "c" quaver and not a "C" as printed in the sheet format. This may be because you posted a wrong note, and then went back again to change it later? Some tune though! I’ll have to practice my 7th position to master this one! 🙂

Thanks for remarks. I did some reparatory work in the ABC, and it should work better now.