One recording of
Lord Lovat’s Lament
Put Me In The Big Chest

Lord Lovat’s Lament (hornpipe) is also known as Lord Lovat’s Lament March.

Put Me In The Big Chest (reel) is also known as Beaton’s Last, Big Coffin, Cuir ‘s A’ Chiste Mhoir Mi, Cuir Chiste Mhoir Mi, Cuir Sa Chiste Mhoir Mi, Cuir Sa’ Chiste Mhoir Mi, Cuir’s A’Chiste Mhoir Mi, Cur Dhan Chiste Mhor Mi, Lying In The Casket, Lying In The Coffin, Miss Cruickshank’s, Old Time Wedding Reel #3, Put Me In The Box, Put Me In The Chest, Put Me In The Great Chest, Put Me In The Meal Chest.

The Beatons Of Mabou: Marches Jigs Strathspeys & Reels Of The Highland Scot by The Beatons

  1. Lord Lovat’s Lament
  2. John Angus Beaton
  3. Angus Ronald Beaton
  4. Put Me In The Big Chest
  5. Colonel McBain’s Fancy
  6. Margaree