Cailín An Tí Mhóir slide

Also known as The Girl From The Big House, The Girl In The Big House, The Girl Of The Big House, The Girl Of The House.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cailín An Tí Mhóir
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
~F3 ~G3 AGA cde|dcA GEA DED D:|
|:zB|ABc AGF ~G3 GFG|A2B cAG AB^c d2e|
fed ^cAG FAF GED|dcA GEA DED D:|

Eight comments

Source: Ronan Browne - "the wind you know"
Transcription: gmp

Cailín An Tí Mhóir

Ah, yes. It’s just the original Irish title of "The Girl of the Big House."

Mmmmh…This is different enough…Isn’t it?

Title Error

I’m no Gaelic scholar, but if the translation is to be understood as "the girl of the big house", the Gaeilge bit should read: "An Cailín den Teach Mhór". The only time the definite article ‘an’ (the) is used to imply ‘of the’ is when its plural alternate ‘na’ precedes the plural form of a noun: An Cailin na Tithe Mhor, the girls of the big houses.

I can think of plenty of examples in Irish of "an" being used to imply genitive "of the" in the singular. Some are "Fear a(n) Ti" = the man OF the house, also the name of a nice reel. Other examples and tune names are "barr an chnoic" = the top of the hill, "bean an tinceara" (The Tinker’s Wife), "bairead an mhairnealaigh" (The Sailor’s Bonnet). The song "bean an fhir rua" (the Red Haired Man’s Wife). Sorry can’t get the fadas. You may be getting confused with the use of preposition "de" with partitive genitive.

In other words the Irish title as given is correct and the attempted correction is wrong.