Kenny Macdonald’s jig

By Norman MacDonald

Also known as Kenneth MacDonald’s.

There are 11 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kenny Macdonald's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2B AAA|dBB B2A|dBB BAA|fdd eAe|
d2B AAA|dBB B2A|f2e edf|edd d3:|
f2a fde|fdB B2A|dBB BAA|fdd eAe|
f2a fde|fdB B2A|f2e edf|edd d3:|
AAA d2A|Bdd B2A|faa f2e|fdd eff|
AAA d2A|Bdd B2A|f2e edf|edd d3:|
a2f fed|efe edd|e2d eff|fed BAA|
[1 a2f fed|efe edd|f2e edf|edd d3:|
[2 A2B Bdd|e2d eff|f2e edf|edd d3||

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I was looking for this tune in books and online a few months ago and tried everywhere, including here. I finally gave up and just transcribed it off a fiddle CD. I thought I’d post it here since it was so hard to find.

It’s a Donald MacLeod tune.

This tune appears on Capercaillie’s album ‘Delirium’.


You sure this is a McLeod tune, borderpiper? As David says, it’s on “Delirium”, and it’s also been recorded by Gordon Duncan. Both have the composer as one N.McDonald.

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I could most definitely be wrong. I know it’s on delirium but I’ve lost the insert for it. It was a mate that said it was a donald macleod tune. I’ll stand corrected…

My reference to it being hard to find was refering to the dots.

This tune was composed by Norman MacDonald.

This jig was composed by Norman Macleod after double gold medallist Kenny(Kenneth) MacDonald. You also can find this tune on Fred Morrison’s CD “Broken chanter”.

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Sorry - Norman MacDonald 🙂

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kms jig

put this to bed stormin norman macdonald composed this wee jig in the sixties the same man who left him a set of henderson38s the same year my late father was born, r macdonald

kms jig

sound of summer by skippinish,fav version r macdonald its brill

kms jig

from the wee spree to the sands of tiree

Re: Kenny Macdonald’s

Kenny was a lovely guy and great piper who I had the pleasure to work with, for a few years. His beautiful pipes, mentioned above, are now in the safe hands of Craig Sked who won the silver medal with them a few years ago. Kenny’s playing, and those great pipes can be heard on the album “sound of Kintail” if you can find a copy.