Two recordings of
Off To California

Moran’s (hornpipe) is also known as Leitrim Fancy, The Leitrim Fancy, Moran’s Fancy, Shield’s.

Off To California (hornpipe) is also known as Bound For California, Fireman’s, Fireman’s Reel, The Fireman’s Reel, The Fireman’s, Going To California, The Humours Of California, Imtigte Go California, The Juggler, Off The California, The Portsmouth Hornipe, Whiskey, The Whiskey.

In Good Hands - Field Recordings from a Pioneer of the Irish Concertina by Paddy Murphy

  1. Leitrim Fancy
  2. Off To California

Keepers Of Tradition: Concertina Players Of County Clare by Various Artists

  1. Moran’s Fancy
  2. Off To California