One recording of a tune named
The Bag Of Spuds
With a tune named
The Pigtown Fling

The Bag Of Spuds (reel) is also known as The Bag Of Potatoes, The Bag Of Praties, Little Bag Of Spuds, The Little Bag Of Spuds, Mála Beag Prataí, What The Devil Ails You, What The Devil Ails You?, What The Devil Ails You? Highland Fling, What The Devils Ails You?.

The Pigtown Fling (reel) is also known as Buck Creek Girls, Goin’ Up Caney, Kelton’s, Old Dad, Pappy Looney’s, Pig Town, Pigtown, The Pigtown Highland Fling, The Pigtown, The Pilltown, Stoney Point, Warm Stuff, Wild Horses At Stoney Point.

The Chieftains 2 by The Chieftains

  1. Pigtown
  2. Tie The Ribbons
  3. The Bag Of Potatoes