Nathan’s Study polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Nathan's Study
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:e/d/c/B/|AD F>d|cB Bc/B/|Ac eg|fd d/c/d/B/|
AD F>d|cB Bc/B/|Ac ec|d2:|
|:c/B/A/G/|Ad fe/f/|gB dc/B/|Ac e/f/g|fd/e/ g/f/e/d/|
Ad fe/f/|gB gB|Ac ec|d2:|

Four comments

I await the comment of his dad… I hope this fits the lad…

Inspirations and instigations - - -

Well, it seems like ‘da’ hasn’t found this. Will he ever? So, here is his description as I recieved it, and maybe the ‘flailing’, after reading it and settling down to fight with some notation I found myself lilting the first part of this tune, the second soon followed during another walk-about…

"As for the little critter - yep, Nathan is still just as beautiful as ever. He’s 7 months old now, and is on the verge of scooting about the house. He sits up and plays with all sorts of toys, and even gives me very strange looks when I’m playing the flute. He seems to like it, and often sleeps to Catherine & John McEvoy’s "Kilmore Fancy".

He is very serious. Very studious. I’ve never seen a baby study things as intently as our little guy. Most babies, when you give them a toy, they play with it. Nathan will hold it up to his face and stare at it and rotate it all around and study it from every angle for several minutes. Very funny. Of course, then he’ll go crazy and play with it, but not until he’s fully studied it.

His best trick is when he sometimes gets in these really goofy moods - he lies on his back and flails his arms and legs madly, with a maniacal grin on his face, laughing hysterically. I guess that means something, but I don’t know what. Perhaps he’s going to be an Olympic backstroker… ???"

For the da’s sake - this was a wind experience, no strings attached and no reeding about it…

The da likes it…

Thank you, c.