The Hazel Shrubbery waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Hazel Shrubbery
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3[eA][fA][=gA] |: [a2A2]) ([fA][bA]) ([=gA] [fA]|[eA])[dD] [cE]>[de] (3[eA][fB][=gB])|[a2A2] [fB]>[bB] [=g2B2]|[1 (e2 [A2E2]) (3([eA][fA][=gA] :| [2 (e2 e2) ([eA]>[aA] |: [fA])[fd] [fd]>[fd] ([fd] e)|([ec]A) A>A [c2E2]|[1 ([BE][B=G]) [B=G]>[B=G] ([BE][eE])|([ec][cA]) [cA]>[cA] ([eA][aA]) :| [2 ([BE][B=G]) [B=G]>[eB] (3[eB]e[ec]|(A2 A=G) (3([AD][BE][cE] |: d2) ([eB]e) ([ec][eB]|[eA])[A=G] [AF]>[A=G] (3([AD][BE][cE]|d2 [BE]>e [c2E2]| [1 A2 A<A ([AD][BE][cE] :| [2 A2 A<A ([AD]>[dD] |: [BE])[B=G] [B=G]>[B=G] ([B=G]A)| ([AF] [FD]) [FD]>[FD] F2|[1 ([EA,][E^C]) [E^C]>[AE] ([AE] A)|([AF][FD]) [FD]>[FD] [d2D2] :| [2 ([EA,][E^C]) [E^C]>[AE] (3[AE][A=G][AF]|(D2 D2) ([eA]>[aA] |: [fA])[fd] [fd]>[fd] ([fd]e)|([ec][A]) A>A [c2E2]| [1 ([BE][B=G]) [B=G]>[B=G] ([eB]e)|([ec]A) A>A ([eA]<[aA)] :| [2 ([BE][B=G]) [B=G]>[eB] (3[eB]e[ec]|(A2 A2) ([AD]>[dD] |: [BE])[B=G] [B=G]>[B=G] ([B=G]A)|([AF][FD]) [FD]>[FD] F2| [1 ([EA,][E^C]) [E^C]>[E^C] ([AE]A)|([AF][FD]) [FD]>[FD] [d2D2] :| [2 ([EA,][E^C]) [E^C]>[AE] (3[AE][A=G][AF]|
[1 (D2 [FD]<D (3[eA][fA][=gA] | [2 (D3 F) [D2A,2] ||
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At the last line:
It’s one little part first that you play first time in the tune (you play the whole tune twice), and the last part is at the second time.
This tune I leanred by a Norwegian in Nordsjøfestivalen, in Farsund, he had learned it from Ireland, but since he playd hardinger fiddle, he playd it with double-notes, and I learned them, so you don’t need to have two fiddles to play it!

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Hazel Shrubbery

I’d like to hear this without the double notes. It’s very confusing with them in there. Can you post it as a Hazel Shrubbery II without the extra notes so I can actually see the tune?

Yeah, I’ll see tomorrow.

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Great tune!

Any more like this with the double stopping notes, or any good websites where I can get more Scandinavian-style tunes?


Scandinavian Tunes

You will find plenty of Scandinavian tunes at The site is in Danish of course but click on the Folkets Hus Spillefolk link and look for the online tune book.

Sorry i haven’t submited a version without double notes, but i really haven’t got enough time right now.
I can get you a handwritten book with lots of tunes from Norway, I think it’s 150 tunes or more, tunes that Otto Furholt plays, written by Vidar Lande. It costs about 250 kr (about 22 pound).

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