Tom Moylan’s Frolic reel

Also known as The Ballinacally, The Ballynacally, Joe Burke’s Favourite, Tom Moylan’s Frolics, Tom Moyland’s Frolic, Tom Moyland’s Frolics.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Moylan's Frolic
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ad d2 ed d2|Addf a2 ag|ed d2 edce|Ad=cA GE E2:|
ADFA deed|=c3 G EG G2|ADFA d2 ed|cAGE ED D2:|
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Tom Moylan’s Frolic

Recorded by Joe Burke, but this is more a whistle version as played by Larry Nugent on his 2nd recording.

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Wrong name

A bit unfortunate, this. I posted this tune because I’d noticed a response to the tune titled "The Day I Met Tom Moylan" which Paddy Carty recorded and Gian Marco had posted. Someone had asked who Tom Moylan was, and his son had responded .
I had also heard of this tune with Tom Moylan’s name to it, and so I’ve posted it. It’s not showing up in the recordings because Joe Burke’s sleeve notes had it as "Tom MoylanD’s", and Larry Nugent the same because he learned it from Joe Burke. I’ve put the "alternative" title in, but the gentleman’s name was Moylan, not Moyland.

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Re: Tom Moylan’s Frolic

The second part sounds like the Famous Ballymote. Is there a relationship between these two tunes?