The Flowing Bowl reel

Also known as Conway’s, Liscannor Bay, The Mhoibhin, The Moibhin, The Moveen, The Wild Irishman.

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Solas setting of “The Flowing Bowl”

Here’s what I hear them doing:

T:Flowing Bowl, The
Z:Jack Gilder
ef|:gfed cA~A2|cAdA cA~A2|gfed cA~A2|1fage d2ef:|2 fage dABc||
df~f2 af~f2|dfaf gece|df~f2 af~f2|~g3e cABc|
df~f2 af~f2|dfaf gece|~f3d ~g3e|fage d2||

It’s a nice tune but I’ve always thought that the A&B sections don’t seem to flow that well together. Try it other way around B section first and see if you find it works better.

Always reminds me of “The Wild Irishman” as played in Donegal by the likes of the late Con Cassidy.

This is pretty much “The Wild Irishman” as done by Paddy O’Brien with Chulrua, except his flows better:

k: Dmaj
ef||gfed cAAB|cAeA cdef|gfed cAAe|fage d2ef|
gfed cAAB|cAeA cdef|gfed cAAe|fage d3A||
Aded aded|Aded cdec|Aded aded|fage dcBc|
Aded aded|Aded cdec|Aded efge|afge d2||


Fishing Bowl ???

“Oisin”, 1970s…

Recorded by the Dublin band “Oisin” under the title “The Moibhin”. I have a recording of them playing it live at the Ballisodare Folk Festival in 1978, when they included a certain Michael O’Brien on uilleann pipes and whistle, who could only have been about 17 at the time.