Nineteen recordings of The Doberman’s Wallet

Also known as Dobermann’s Wallet, Drimneen, The Drimneen.

This tune has been recorded together with The Rambler (a few times), The Rose In The Heather (a few times), The Maid In The Meadow (a few times), Rosemary Lane (a few times), The Banks Of Newfoundland, The Blarney Pilgrim, The Gold Ring, The Holly Bush, The Holly Bush, Jerry’s Beaver Hat, Jimmy Ward’s, Joe Derrane’s, Mom’s, The One That Was Lost, Patsy Geary’s, Peter Byrne’s, Sean Ryan’s, Strike The Gay Harp, Swerving For Bunnies, Tae In The Bog, The Thrush In The Bush, The Trip To Athlone, The Walls Of Liscarroll, The Wandering Minstrel, Will You Come Home With Me?.

  1. A Jacket Of Batteries by De Dannan
  2. A Night At The Fair by The Two Tap Trio
  3. A Stone’s Throw by Michael Cooney
  4. By Night And By Day by The London Lasses And Pete Quinn
  5. Curious Things Given Wings by The Outside Track
  6. Dreaming Up The Tunes by Johnny Og Connolly And Brian McGrath
  7. Frankie Goes To Town by Frankie Gavin
  8. Get Up the Yard by Peter Staunton and Niamh Varian-Barry
  9. Going Nowhere Fast by Richard Neylon, Fergal Scahill, David Howley & Eimhin Cradock
  10. Irlande (Live) by Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn & Aidan Coffey
  11. Launching The Boat by Siona
  12. Legacy by The Dunne Family
  13. Misneach by Misneach
  14. Mostly Melodeon by Dan Possumato
  15. The Best Of Frankie Gavin by Frankie Gavin
  16. The Mighty Box by Luke Daniels
  17. The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert by Various Artists
  18. Through The Round Window by Eamonn Coyne
  19. Tunes Inside by Dan Possumato