Cock, Hook And Look jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cock, Hook And Look
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:fBB fBB|e2 c2 Ae|fBB fBB|A2 c2 Ae|
fBB fBB|e2 c2 ce|fBB ecA|1 B6:|2 B4 de||
|:f2a agf|e2g gfe|d2f fed|e2 c2 A2|
f2 a2 gf|e2 g2 fe|fBB ecA|1 B4 de:|2 B6||
|:fBB fBB|eaa aAe|fBB fBB|Aaa aAe|
fBB fBB|eaa ace|fBB ecA|1 B6:|2 B4 de||
f2 a2 gf|ecc cfe|ddd dcB|c2 A2 de|
f2 a2 gf|e2 g2 fe|fBB ecA|B4 de|
fAa Agf|ecc cfe|dAf Aed|eAA ABA|
fAa Agf|eAg Afe|fBB ecA|B6||

Two comments

Cock, Hook and Look

I wrote this tune for highland bagpipes - I hope the abc formatting is sufficiently standardised.

The high As in the third part are very quiet on GHB - the conical chanter tends to hide the high notes.

Cock, Hook and Look is the drill that NZ infantry soldiers performed on the old-fashioned self-loading riflewhen it stopped firing: Cock it, hook the moving parts back, look inside the chamber.

I just played it for the first time on my accordeon. Sounds great.

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