All In Good Time jig

By Kevin Burke

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Two settings

X: 1
T: All In Good Time
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
e|:fdB BAF|A2B AFA|~B3 BAB|def eag|
fdB BAF|A2B AFA|BAF Aag|1 fdc d2e:|2 fdc dcB||
A2a agf|efg efg|~f3 gfg|ecA a2e|
f2a agf|efg efg|fAf gec|edc dcB|
A2a agf|efg efg|~f3 gfg|ecA BAG|
EF{G}F GFG|AFd AFA|Bed cag|fdc d2||
X: 2
T: All In Good Time
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:e|fdB BAF|ABA AFA|ABB BAB|dgf eag|
fdB BAF|ABA AFA|BAF Aag|fdc d2:|
|:B|Aaa agf|efg efg|~f3 gfg|ecA
[1 A2e|faa agf|efg efg|~f3 gec|edc d2:|
[2 BAG|EFF GFG|AFd AFA|Bed cag|fdc d2||

Twelve comments

I think it is traditional. Isn’t it?

A bit similar to Tobbin’s Favourite.

The liner notes on “Last Orders” credit Kevin Burke as the source of the tune (from the Patrick Street album which takes its title from this tune). Burke is listed in the parentheses where composers are identified, but Liz doesn’t explicitly say he wrote it, as she does with most of the other modern tunes. Can someone check the liner notes of the Patrick Street album, which I don’t own?

I think Kevin Burke penned this one, I’d have to check the sleeve notes on Celtic Fiddle Festival - Encore to be certain, but I’m almost sure he wrote it. Lovely tune anyway.

There’s something latter-half-of-20th-Century about it - I don’t know what it is. That doesn’t necessarily make it not traditional. Anyway, I could be completely wrong.

5. Light & Airy / “All In Good Time” (K. Burke)

Credited to Kevin Burke on the album of the same title:

“Patrick Street: All in Good Time”
Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Andy Irvine, Arty McGlynn
Green Linnet GLCD 1125, 1993

All in Good Time

Yes, indeed, Kevin did write this tune. It is on my list for an appendix to a book that he and I are working on that will have transcriptions from his 4 solo albums. The appendix will have his compositions (none of them are on his 4 solo albums). He has written 9 tunes (some of them in collaboration with others) and a song (in collaboration with Cal Scott).

Re: All In Good Time

I thought this was ‘Coach Road to Sligo’ when I first heard it on ‘Encore’. The tunes are VERY similar.

Re: All In Good Time

I love Kevin Burke’s “Across the Black River”. Not too common at sessions although I think it should be.