Two recordings of
The Belfast
The Kildare Fancy

The Belfast (hornpipe) is also known as Great Eastern, Great Western, Great Western Clog, The Great Western Clog, Great Western Lancashire Clog, The Great Western Lancashire Clog, Millicen’s Favourite, Millicent’s, Millicent’s Favourite, Royal Belfast, The Royal Belfast, Sailor’s Delight, Sweep’s, The Sweep’s, The Sweeps.

The Kildare Fancy (hornpipe) is also known as Dundee, Dundee Clog, The Kildare.

Give Us Another by Joe Derrane

  1. The Kildare Fancy
  2. The Golden Eagle
  3. The Sweeps

King Of The Melodeon Men by Jimmy Shand

  1. Dundee
  2. Millicent’s Favourite