Three recordings of
The Belfast
The Derry

The Belfast (hornpipe) is also known as Great Eastern, Great Western, Great Western Clog, The Great Western Clog, Great Western Lancashire Clog, The Great Western Lancashire Clog, Millicen’s Favourite, Millicent’s, Millicent’s Favorite, Millicent’s Favourite, Royal Belfast, The Royal Belfast, Sailor’s Delight, Sweep’s, The Sweep’s, The Sweeps.

The Derry (hornpipe) is also known as Londonderry, The Londonderry.

Irish Traditional Uilleann Pipes by Gerry McFadden

  1. The Belfast
  2. The Derry

Mc & O' by Mc & O'

  1. The Belfast
  2. The Londonderry

Pluckin' Good by Christy Dunne

  1. The Derry
  2. The Sweeps