Jig Away The Donkey barndance

Also known as Jigging The Donkey.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jig Away The Donkey
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
D2 C2 DEFE|D2 CA, G,A, (3=B,A,G,|D2 C2 DEFE|D2 CA, D2 G,2|
D3 C DEFE|D2 CA, G,A,(3 =B,A,G,|D2 C2 DEFE|D2 CA, D2 G2|
Addc A2 AG|A=BcA G4|Addc A=BAG|^FDEC D4|
Addc A2 AG|A=BcA G2 AG|F2 DE FGA=B|cAGE F2 EF|

Four comments

This is a March, not a Barndance

The Tune comes from “Dance Music of Ireland 1” and was written as a reel, but the structure leaves me with the impression that it was originally a March. It did have a title but I’ve long forgotten it. A nice tune to play on any instrument and
great for harmonising.We used to play a set starting with this, then Con Cassidy’s Fling and finally the reel Sollus Lillis. I will put the Fling here in the next couple of days.

Learned as a Reel

Ian, I learned this from our mutual friend Reverend Gary Hastings away back in late 70s as a reel “Jig Away the Donkey”. I believe he had it from McConnell or the late Mick Hoy or Eddie Duffy. By the way, be sure to check your email today.

Not a Barndance - Not a March - Not in Dance Music of Ireland 1

I haven’t gone through the other three of the Bulmer & Sharpley books but this tune isn’t in book 1, in fact, there’s nothing in that book in the key of F. While the A part has a hint of the march about it, it may be you’ve just pushed its evolution in that direction. The B part hasn’t any hint to it other than a classic reel, though you might be able to push it into a swing with a change here and there and maybe with a little work make a hornpipe sort of thing out of it. In a couple of years or so it might be completely unrecognizable…

Sorry, just trying to keep the things filed under ‘barndance’ within some kind of reason. I’ve grown used to the Balkan stuff there, but reels, nah! Can you imagine the hell that would make…