Belgrave Square hornpipe

By Joe Liddy

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One setting

X: 1
T: Belgrave Square
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:ge|dBAB G2 GA|BGAG EGDE|GABd edBd|(3efg dB A2 ge|
dBAB G2 GA|BGAG EGDE|GABd edBd|(3efg dB G2:|
|:BA|GABd edBd|(3efg dB AGEF|GABd edBd|(3efg dB A2 BA|
GABd edBd|(3efg af gedB|dega bgag|(3efg dB G2:|

Four comments

Belgrave Square

This well-heeled hornpipe is deceptively tricky … the high phrase at the end of bar 2 comes as a bit of a surprise and when playing the tune through at first, I found that my fingers just weren’t ready for moving out of the furrow established in the rest of the tune. Worth persevering with, though!

Belgrave Square

Thanks Aidan for posting this great hornpipe. It’s composed by the late great Leitrim fiddler, Joe Liddy whom I’m reliably informed spent a great deal of his time in the Culturlann, Belgrave Square where he played many a tune. His compositions seem to have been neglected since his death and maybe it’s time someone delved into both of his tune books to see if there are any more gems yet to be unearthed!

Belgrave Square

This is a wonderful tune. Are there other tunes available by Joe Liddy? If this tune is an indication of what his other pieces might be like I sure hope someone takes some time to save them and pass them on!

Thanks for posting the tune Aidan 🙂

It’d make a great reel. As a hornpipe it does nothing for me.