Two recordings of
The Donegal Traveller
Down The Broom

The Donegal Traveller (reel) is also known as Belles Of Campbeltown, Blind Nora, Blind Nora O’Neil, Blind Nora O’Neill, Blind Norrie, Blind Norry, Blind Norry’s, The Donegal Traveler, Frank Cassidy’s, Gillespie’s, Hughie Gillespy’s, The Tuam.

Down The Broom (reel) is also known as The Broomstick, Down The Brooms, Down Through The Broom, Follow Me Down To Galway, Leag Uait An Scuab, P. Flanagan’s, Peter Flanagan’s.

Bosca Ceoil by Deirdre Collis

  1. Down The Broom
  2. The Gatehouse Maid
  3. Hand Me Down The Tackle
  4. Gillespie’s

The Lady's Cup of Tea by Mary Mac Namara & Sorcha Costello with Geraldine Cotter

  1. Down The Broom
  2. The Donegal Traveller