Miss Laura Katarina Ribeiro barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Laura Katarina Ribeiro
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|"G".g2 (d2 d)dcd|.B2 (G2 G)GAB|"C"cded cBAG|"D".F2 (D2 D)GFG|
"C"E2c2 cdec|"G"dGBd "Em"g3e|"Am"edcB "Bm"cBAG|"C"dcBc "D"Adef|
"G".g2 (d2 d)d (3cdc|.B2 (G2 G)GAB|"C"cded cBAG|"D"GFEF DdBG|
"C"E2c2 cdeg|"G"dGBd "Em"g2ge|"C"edcB "D"dcBA|"C"(G4 "D"G)def|
"G".g2 (d2 d)dcd|.B2 (G2 G)GAB|"C"cded cBAG|"D".F2 (D2 D)GFG|
"C"E2c2 cdec|"G"dGBd "Em"g2ge|"C"edcB "D"dcBA|"G"(G4 "D"G)AFG||
"Em"E3FG3A|"Bm"BAFG "Em"EB,EG|"Em"Be^de "Am"=dcAc|"Em"(B4 "B7"B)AGF|
"Em"E3FG3A|"Bm"BAFB "Em"EGFE|"D"Dd^cd "A7"eAce|"D"d3=c BAGF|
"Em"EDEF GFGA|"Bm"(3BcB (3AGF "Em"EFGB|"Em"gfeg "B7"fB^df|"C".e2e^d e2ef|
"C"gfge "(C#dim.)"eage|"G"e=d^cd BDGB|"Em"E2.B2 "Bm"BAFG|"Em"E4"A"^c4|
"D"d3^cd3c|d^cdc d=cAF|d^cde d=cAF|.D2."(n. c.)"C2.B,2.A,2||
"G".g2(d2 "D"(3d)ed cd|"Em".B2 (G2 "G"G)GAB|"C"cded "Am"cBAG|"D".F2 (D2 "Bm"D)D^CD|
"Am"E2=c2 "C"cdeg|"G"dgfg "C"cgfg|"G"Bgfg "D"Aafd|"C"cgfg agec|
"G"dDGB "D"dcAF|"G"(G2 "C"G2 "G"G2)||

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Wow, Thanks!


many, many, many thanks! This is a beautiful piece, and i’ll play it for her next time she wakes up. I hope someday i can return the favor, but i doubt i could do something this good.

Thanks again!


Cheesy piano wins!

Everybody here was very pleased with this tune, with a twist: no matter how much swing, how much feel i put into it, my in-laws still prefer Jeremy’s midi version (thanks Jeremy!). 🙂

Ah, and one friend commented (after hearing the Sesion’s midi version): "but it does sound like a hornpipe!" 🙂

Doesn’t the gif of the sheet music above cut off the last part of the tune? The image of the notation I see here just stops before the abc of the tune is finished.


Thanks from the composer

Well, first of all, thank you all very much for the praise, it

Great tune - missing line

Hi, J

GIF: first page?

I wonder if the problem with the GIF is that it’s generating only the first page of output? I wasn’t able to get this tune to print in only one page (but i use abcm2ps). BTW, if anyone would like sheet music, just send me an email through the Session, include your return email address, and i’ll send you a PDF (or specify a different format if you can’t read PDFs).

Magificent Tune

I cant believe I missed this tune when ot was posted - it is a fantastic tune that I can’t stop playing now - do you have any other gems that you have written - or a CD / recording I could buy.
I love the tune - thanks very much

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