Five recordings of a tune named
The Lass That Made The Bed For Me

Also known as Bruntfoot, Da Lass Dat Made Da Bed Fir Me, Da Lass Dat Made Da Bed For Me, Un-named Shetland, Unnamed Shetland.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Black Joak, Chadwick’s Bog, Da Ness O’ Soond, Da New Rigged Ship, Da Tief Upon Da Lum.

  1. All These Years by Solas
  2. Hamnataing by Fiddlers’ Bid
  3. Nordic Fiddlers Bloc by Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  4. Shetland Fiddle Music by School Of Scottish Studies, University Of Edinburgh
  5. With Complements by Patsy Reid