The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch strathspey

Also known as Cuckold Come Out Of The Amrey, Struan Robertson, Struan Robertson’s Rant.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
B<Bd>e f>ef<a|A>Ac>B A>ce>c|B>Bd>e f>ef>g|a>fe>c B<B f2:|
d>fB>f d<fB>f|c<eA>e c<eA>e|d<fB>f d<fB>f|a>fe>c B<B e2|
d>fB>f d>fB>f|c>eA>e c>eA>e|B<Bd>e f>ef>g|a>fe>c B<B f2||

Seven comments

That’s right! From the Skye Collection once again!

Page 69, bottom tune. It’s a pipe tune in B Minor. VERY nice strathspey, indeed! If I do say so myself!

Oh the pipes… Oh poo, I can only do it on the whistle and fiddle. It’s all good!

Cheers and waiting for Uilleann Pipes… Yum….

Armand, if you’re quick, you can edit the abcs to change the key to B dorian, and then get rid of the accidental g sharps. Then it will show up correct in the sheet music—if you change it before Jeremy works his magic.

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Good idea, Will! Thanks, dunnit!

Also the tune to…

This is also the tune to the well known Scottish folk song ‘Birniebouzle’.

It also works as a reel

Colm O’Rua taught us this in July 2003 (Mandolin/Banjo course at Sabhal Mor Ostaig) - just take out all the ‘strathspey’ dotted rythms to produce even sets of notes and you have it as a reel.

Re: The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch

This tune should not be linked in Mari Black’s album "Flight," on the track "Taking Flight," for the song "Struan Robertson." The tune on the track is a different "Struan Robertson." Thanks! :D

Re: The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch

I’ve unlinked it for you, EmilyMayFiddler, but, for future reference, you can do it yourself by clicking on the EDIT tab beside the tune name on the album.