One recording of a tune named
Lavin’s Favourite
With a tune named
The Boys On The Hilltop

Lavin’s Favourite (reel) is also known as The Ballaghadereen Fair, The Ballaghaderreen Fair, The Cow On The Bonnet, The Fair At Ballydarreen, The Fair Of Ballydareen, Larry Lavin’s Choice, Laven’s Favorite, Laven’s Favourite, Lavin’s Favorite, The Road To Cuil Aodh, Tommy People’s, Tommy Peoples’.

The Boys On The Hilltop (reel) is also known as The Boy On The Hilltop, The Hilltop, Man To The Hilltop.

In Full Flight by Gavin Whelan

  1. Calum Campbell’s
  2. The Boy On The Hilltop
  3. Tommy Peoples’