Three recordings of a tune named
Liam O’Connors
With a tune named
Winnie Hayes’

Liam O’Connors (jig) is also known as Headwood Crossing, Liam O’Connor’s.

Winnie Hayes’ (jig) is also known as Winnie Haye’s, Winnie Hayes, Winnie Hayes’s.

New Roads by Cosán

  1. Winnie Hayes’
  2. Sean Tiobrad Arann
  3. Headwood Crossing

Shelta by Shelta

  1. All In Good Time
  2. Headwood Crossing
  3. Winnie Hayes

The Friel Sisters by The Friel Sisters

  1. Contentment Is Wealth
  2. Liam O’Connor’s
  3. Winnie Hayes’