All Bairns Dance reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: All Bairns Dance
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cffe c2BA|B2BA Bcc2|cffe c2 A/B/c|B2AB cEE2|
cffe c2BA|B2BA Bcc2|agfe c2 A/B/c|BAGE E4|
|:FEFc EFCD|BA B/c/d cBA2|BA B/c/d cBAF|FEFC E4|
FEFc EFCD|BA B/c/d cBAF|EFcE C/D/C cC|C/D/C cd cBA2:|
|:fecA B2AB|[M:3/4] ~F3G Ac|[M:4/4] efAc faAc|f2ec eA B/c/e|
fecA B2AB|[M:3/4] ~F3G Ac|G3A B/c/e|a2 ge B/c/e|bg ag fe:|
[M:4/4] cffe c2BA|B2BA Bcc2|cffe c2 A/B/c|B2AB cEE2|
cffe c2BA|B2BA Bcc2|agfe c2 A/B/c|BAGE E4||
X: 2
T: All Bairns Dance
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
fbba f2ed|e2ed eff2|fbba f2d/e/f|e2de fAA2|
fbba f2ed|e2ed eff2|d’c’ba f2ed|edcA A4|
|:BABf ABFG|ede/f/g fed2|ede/f/g fedB|BABF A4|
BABf ABFG|ede/f/g fedB|ABfA F/G/FfF|F/G/Ffg fed2:|
|:bafd e2de|M:3/4 ~B3c df|M:4/4 abdf bd’df|b2af ade/f/a|
bafd e2de|M:3/4 ~B3c df|c3d e/f/a|d’2 c’a fa|e’c’ d’c’ ba:|

Twelve comments

Haunting tune from a hand-me-down tape

All I know about this beautiful tune is that is was recorded, and most likely composed, by a band called "The Rub" from Durham, for whom Ian Carr was the guitarist. The tune is played on a Bb flute (in Bm), though I don’t know the name of the player. Does anyone out there have any info on this band?

The third part has quirky time-signature changes. I notated it so that the main emphasis comes on the downbeat of each measure.

Since I’m a flute player I’ll include the Bm ABCs:

fbba f2ed | e2ed eff2 | fbba f2d/e/f | e2de fAA2 |
fbba f2ed | e2ed eff2 | d’c’ba f2ed | edcA A4 |
|: BABf ABFG | ede/f/g fed2 | ede/f/g fedB | BABF A4 |
BABf ABFG | ede/f/g fedB | ABfA F/G/FfF | F/G/Ffg fed2 :|
|: bafd e2de | M:3/4 ~B3c df | M:4/4 abdf bd’df | b2af ade/f/a |
bafd e2de | M:3/4 ~B3c df | c3d e/f/a | d’2 c’a fa | e’c’ d’c’ ba :||

It’s a challenge to reach into the third register, but much nicer than lumbering through G minor.

Eminor would be a much easier solution for flutist ….

but then you’ve got to pop all the lower register notes which wrecks the flow of the b-part considerably.

if it’s The Rub from Durham then the flute player will be Norman Holmes

The Rub - All Bairns Dance

This is almost certainly from a tape of an intended commercial recording of an album by The Rub (Ian Carr, Paul Archer, Martin Matthews, Les Moss & N Holmes). The album was to be titled "Dancing On The Wireless" circa 1989. The tune was made up by N Holmes (flute) and was left unfinished in a draw waiting for inspiration for a B part. Martin Matthews completed this some years later in time to be used by The Rub. The album was not released (D Bulmer & Celtic Music) and The Rub disbanded in 1990 once Ian was offered a full time job with Katherine Tickell. Many bootleg tapes were circulated and there is some material on including this tune in a video - also; some tunes were snaffled by Lunasa (not credited), The Shee, Karen Tweed etc.

It was conceived as a slow reel but as you show the B part has an extra beat. The first eight bars is actually used as an intro and an outro the main body of the tune starting on bar 9. It is nominally in F# minor making the lowest note C# on the foot joint of the flute as demonstrated in the video.

A blast from the past

Thanks BT for your info. Sadly, I think I’ve lost the tape that I got almost a decade ago. It never occurred to me then to try the tune in F# minor, but that now seems incredibly obvious - the third register is ridiculous. I’ll go back now and see if I can wrap my fingers around it in a new key.

What’s happened to Norman Holmes? What a great player!

In the proper place, finally

After watching the video I went back and reworked the setting to F# minor. It’s so much nicer there. Thanks again BT. (Jeremy: can we ever get an F#minor option? This tune is most definitely not in A major.)

For some reason the editor keeps revising the abc’s I’ve entered and the time signature changes are not printing. I’ll include the abc’s as I entered them,

cffe c2BA | B2BA Bcc2 | cffe c2 A/B/c | B2AB cEE2 |
cffe c2BA | B2BA Bcc2 | agfe c2 A/B/c | BAGE E4 |
|: FEFc EFCD | BA B/c/d cBA2 | BA B/c/d cBAF | FEFC E4 |
FEFc EFCD | BA B/c/d cBAF | EFcE C/D/C cC | C/D/C cd cBA2 :|
|: fecA B2AB | \
~F3G Ac | \
efAc faAc | f2ec eA B/c/e |
fecA B2AB | \
~F3G Ac | G3A B/c/e | a2 ge B/c/e | bg ag fe :|
cffe c2BA | B2BA Bcc2 | cffe c2 A/B/c | B2AB cEE2 |
cffe c2BA | B2BA Bcc2 | agfe c2 A/B/c | BAGE E4 ||

I wish I could just delete the B minor version …

All Bairns Dance - Damsa Gach Linbh

Thanks for posting this Norman, yes the tune was composed by Norman (A part) and myself, (B part) and now features on the soon to be released Waiting for Rain, Paul Archer’s solo album in the original key of F#m and will also appear on my forthcoming cd, Wall to Wall…Cowraik to Carlingford, where it is played on uilleann pipes by Andy May and accompanied by myself and Sean Taylor. There it appears as a more pipe friendly key of Am. Also for publishing purposes the title is in Irish, " Damhsa gach linbh" or in English "All children dance". and it’s preceeded by the air Norman and I wrote which I called Sleive Croob. MARTIN

I didn’t

I didn’t post it Martin; djicarlo did!


Re: All Bairns Dance

I was proud to be the fiddle player in The Rub and to associated with the other members who were: Becky Taylor,
pipes (early line up), Martin Matthews, tenor banjo, cittern and tune writer, Norman Holmes, flute, whistle and tune writer, Ian Carr, guitar, Les Moss, vocal and percussion, Paul Archer, fiddle, mandolin and tune writer and Bob Fox, vocal and keyboard (final line up). Many tracks were recorded for an album that never was to be. These tracks are still in the band members’ possessions.