The Imp In The Quarry jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Imp In The Quarry
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
DED ABA|AGA cde|dgB cAF|1 EDC D2A,:|2 EDC D2d||
dAd dfe|~c3 cBA|~G3 dGG|FAc egf|
dAd dfe|~c3 cde|dgB cAF|EDC D2d|
dAd dfe|~c3 cBA|~G3 dGG|FAc egf|
dAd dfe|~c3 efg|fAd eGc|dFA EDC||
X: 2
T: The Imp In The Quarry
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
EFE B2 B|GAG d2 B|eAc dBG|FED E2:|
eBe egf|dcd d2 B|AdA eAA|GBd f/g/af|
eBe e/f/ge|dcd fga|1 eac dBG|FED E2:|2 gBe fAd|eGB A2||

Seven comments

The Imp In The Quarry

A jig I began writing years ago and only finished recently because I kept changing it. It’s named after an old Hillman Imp wreck my brother and I found in a quarry when we were kids. We used to play in it and pretend to drive. About 15 years later I went back to the same spot and all that was left was part of the plastic dashboard and a couple of wheels buried under a load of debris. I don’t think I expected it still to be there, but I felt a bit sad all the same, and it made me think about the passage of time, and life and death and all that stuff.

Imp in the Quarry

What’s a Hillman Imp? (I think I have wreck and quarry figured out…)


Ms. Ignorant

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Hillman Imp

"Rootes’ small car was designed by Michael Parkes (a development engineer for Ferrari) and Tim Fry more or less from 1955 on. It was made in the purposebuild Linwood factories in Scotland. Launched in 1963, it sported many new and untried ideas, like an aluminium alloy engine, and overhead camshaft; a pneumatic throttle and king-pins running in sealed plastic bearings. It was produced for more than 12 years, until 1976."

Imp in the Quarry

Thank you. Sounds like it had personality.

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That’s not exactly what I said when I borrowed one of my sister’s two Hillman Imps and it broke down in the middle of a bus junction. The fact that she sold both of them for £35 shows how good they were!!

Imp with personality

Mention ‘man in a suitcase’ to those of a certain age i.e old wrinklies like myself and you may get a recall of a 1960’s tv series the hero of which drove a Hillman imp - a strange car with an engine in the back - like a VW beetle. It was a great little car better than a mini and twice as cool!! Only problem was the alloy cylinder head used to crack leading to a major breakdown and probably a split from your unimpressed girlfriend. Imps are now being restored by those who appreciate a true classic (or by those short of a full shilling) I saw one the other day with a furry roof and wide wheels -they were the days!

"The Imp in the Quarry" ~ E Dorian & then some

K: E Dorian
|: F |
EFE BcB | GAG dcB | AdA eAA | GB/c/d FED |
EFE B2 B | GAG d2 B | eAc dBG | FED E2 :|
|: d |
eBe egf | dcd d2 B | AdA eAA | GBd f/g/af |
eBe e/f/ge | dcd fga |1 eac dBG | FED E2 :|2 gBe fAd | eGB A2 ||