O, She’s Comical reel

Also known as The Rejected Suitor.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: O, She's Comical
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
A|e/e/e eg f2 fa|e2 ed cAAc|e/e/e eg f2 fa|B2 d/c/B/A/ BGGB|
e/e/e eg f2 fa|e2 ed cAAc|d2 fd c2 ac|B2 d/c/B/A/ BGG||
B|efed c2 Ac|efed cAAc|efed c2 Ac|B2 d/c/B/A/ BGGB|
efed c2 Ac|efed cAAc|d2 fd c2 ac|B2 d/c/B/A/ BGG||
X: 2
T: O, She's Comical
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
d|ceeA g2 fa|eAed cAAd|ceeA g2 fe|dBcA BGGd|
ceeA g2 fg|aAed cAAB|d2 fd ceac|Bdgd BGG||
B|eAed c2 Ac|eAfe cAAc|fAed c2 Ac|dBcA BGGB|
eAed c2 Ag|faeA cAAB|d2 fd ceac|Bdgd BGG||
B|A2 a2 ge a2|A2 a2 cAAB|A2 a2 ge g2|dBcA BGGB|
A2 a2 ge a2|AaeA cAAB|d2 fd ceac|Bdgd BGG||
g|faea c2 Ag|faeA cAAg|faea c2 Ac|Bcdc BGGg|
faea ceAg|faeA cAAB|d2 fd ceac|Bdgd BGG||

Nine comments

That’s right, I’m back onto the Skye Collection… So unless I can figure out Mick Coogan’s polka from Chulrua’s “Barefoot on the Altar”, then you’ll see more of the lovely Skye Collection =]

Page 22, third tune down.

Old tune. It says!

Can someone verify the key signature for me? Confusing it is….

Cheers and Yoda talk,

Armand, with all the G’s as naturals, this would be A mixolydian. But then you need to back into the abcs and remove the = (natural) signs in front of the G’s.

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Ah, thanks! I tend to just try to find something within that key of A but that works too!

… Mysteriously enough, it’s already been changed. That must mean…..

Less work for me!

Looks like Jeremy has done it for you.

Armand, to come to grips with how to tell what key/ode a tune is in, take a look at the table of modes here: http://www.slowplayers.org/SCTLS/modes.htm

All the the most common keys/modes in Irish music are there, along with a short explanation of how to figure out what key/mode a tune is in. It’s not that difficult, and with a little practice, it’ll take the mystery out of posting tunes here.

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I actually already use this and use it just about everytime I submit a tune in an odd key! Thanks for the section/site [?]!! It helps ALOT!


This tune is commonly known as the “Rejected Suitor” in the GHB repertoire. There’s probably a joke or humorous song in Gaelic associated with the melody. The melody you transcribed is somewhat simplified from the four part version in the Gunn Collection (1886), which is one of oldest pipe settings.

Re: O, She’s Comical

…But almost always referred to as The Rejected Suitor.