Our Highland Queen strathspey

By James Scott Skinner

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One setting

X: 1
T: Our Highland Queen
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D>AF>A D>AF>A|(3[DAf]ed (3cdB A3 F/D/|C>A G>A F>A D>A|(3FED (3CDB, A,2 A, (3A,/B,/C/|
D>AF>A D>AF>A|(3[DAf]ed (3cdB A3 G/F/|(3GBe E>G (3FAd [DA]>[GA,]|(3F>GD (3C<FE D2 D2|
d>f (3Adf (3afd (3AFD|(3A,DF (3AFd A2 A(3B/^c/^d/|e>g (3Beg (3bge (3BGE|(3CEG (3CEA [F2D2] [DF] (3A/B/c/|
d>f (3Adf (3afd (3AFD|(3A,DF (3AFd A2 A G/F/|(3GBe E>G (3FAd [DA]>[GA,]|(3F>GD (3C<FE D2 D2||

Eight comments

By James Scott Skinner.
From none other than the Skye Collection.

Quite the tune! Very nice indeed, if I do say so myself!

Sounds more of like a hornpipe to me, but I guess there’s some element of strathspeyness to it!

Cheers and… Christmas tunes?!

We play it as a waltz - it fits nicely


Leahy kicks off Track 10 on their CD "In All Things" with this song. They play it more like an air than anything (its played quite freely).

Re: Our Highland Queen

Yes, I love Leahy’s arrangement of this tune! By the way, does anyone know the tune that directly follows this one on the set? (Gzowski Medley?) THAT is the one I really like!

Re: Our Highland Queen

It’s "Littlejohn’s Hame" Whimbrel, as in "Littlejohn’s Home".

And it’s not "The Fourth Bridge" but "The Forth Bridge", as in the bridge over the River Forth in Scotland.

Re: Our Highland Queen

Thanks guys! What tune type would this be? The way Leahy played it, obviously, since they might have changed the rhythm like the did for The Highland Queen.

Re: Our Highland Queen

correctly this would be a Slow Strathspey I’d say