Didi’s Tune reel

By Fred Morrison

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One setting

X: 1
T: Didi's Tune
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B|e3B efg2|a3g fdgf|BeeB efga|fedf e3A|
BeeB efg2|a3g fdgf|BeeB efga|fedf e3||
f|g3f ~B3g|f3d ~A3f|e3B efga|fedf e3f|
g2gf gB~B2|f2fe fA~A2|e3B efga|fedf e2||
ga|b3a ~g3b|~a3a affa|g3f gfeg|fedf e2ga|
b2ba ~g3g|~a3a affa|g3f gfeg|fedf e2||
gf|eB~B2 eBfB|g2gf gaag|fB~B2 gfed|cdef e3f|
eB~B2 eBfB|g2gf gaag|fB~B2 gfed|Bdgf e3||

Four comments

Didi’s Tune (barndance, or slow reel?)

This is a great tune written in a very traditional idiom. I learned it off master piper Fred Morrison’s solo recording. It’s his own composition named after his wife. He plays it on low whistle.

If you repeat this tune several times, play the very last bar of the fourth part like |cdef e3A|, and into |BeeB efg2|…. The last phrase I include in this transcription is to be played when you finish. That’s what the composer does.

Fred Morrison actually plays a beautiful slow air before this tune. That’s also his composition. Here’s the link to it: https://thesession.org/tunes/2562

I know most of you in this site are not big fans of Scottish music, but F. Morrison’s “The Sound of the Sun” is very appealing to anyone, I believe.

Anyway, hope many of you will enjoy this tune. I think it’ll take me a couple of more days to play it properly, though.

Nice air slainte, but nothing barndance about it, or even danceable, uless you want to take it back to say the 1700s or so and bow and courtsey yourself into a sciatic fit…

Didi’s Tune (slow reel)

Now, I edited the detail. This is actually a very danceable tune.