O’Connell’s Farewell To Dublin reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: O'Connell's Farewell To Dublin
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
AcBG A2 (3Bcd | eaaf gedB | G2 GA GEDE | GABG AGEG |
AcBG A2 (3Bcd | eaaf gedA | (3Bcd ef gfed |1gedB A3 G :|2 gedB A3 B ||
c2 cB cdef | g2 af ge d2 | dBGB d3 e |dBGB d2 dB |
c2 cB cdef | g2 af gedA |[1 (3Bcd ef gfed |
gedB A3 B :|2 (3Bcd ef gfed | gedB A2 (3 Bcd ||
eaag a2 ab | c'2 ba agef | gbaf gece |gbaf gedf |
eaag a2 ab | c'2 ba aged |(3Bcd af gfed |1 gedB A2 (3Bcd :|2 gedB A3 B ||
(3cde AB (3cde Ac | B2 GB dBGB | (3cde AB (3cde A2 | (3Bcd af gedB |
(3cde AB (3cde Ac | B2 GB dBGA | (3Bcd af gfed | gedB A4 :|
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O’Connell’s Farewell

From the repertoire of PJ Crotty. PJ played this for his flute class at the Willie Clancy School in 1980. The only other person I’ve ever heard play it - and record it - is John Skelton, who plays a slow version on his solo CD "One At A Time". There is a 3-part hornpipe version which was recorded by Chieftains fiddler Sean Keane, but which came first, I have no idea. That may explain the triplets which appear in the 4th part. This tune deserve to be better known, and if you choose to learn it, when you play it, please remember the name of PJ Crotty.

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Nice tune, Kenny, and a fine tribute to Mr. Crotty.

Could you change the key sig in the details and abcs to read A Dorian? That’d be more accurate, for all those backers out there.

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Should note that the tune by this name on "Fortune Favours the Merry" by Peter horan and Gerry Harrington is a jig, not the reel version listed here.