Twilight In Portroe reel

By Sean Ryan

Also known as The Countryman’s, The Dawn, Michael Reilly’s, Sean Ryan’s Dream.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Twilight In Portroe
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A,2CE DEFD|E2GB ABcA|df~f2 edcA|BAcA BAFE|
A,2CE DEFD|E2GB ABcA|df~f2 edcA|1 B2AB cAA2:|2 B2AB cAAB||
|:c2ec fcec|ABcA BAFA|~E3F ABcA|defg aefe|
c2ec fcec|ABcA BAFA|~E3F ABcA|1 dfed cAAB:|2 dfed cAA2||

Seven comments

Twilight In Portroe

A Sean Ryan tune that has often been mistaken for "The Dawn" Note that only the 1st two bars are similar, and then they diverge into completely different tunes. The B-parts do not resemble each other at all. I think the reason that this tune started getting called The Dawn is that De Danann mistakenly recorded it under that title on their album "The Mist-covered Mountain", but there may well be earlier recordings of it with that title, I’m not sure. This transcription is based on the De Danann recording, but I first heard the tune played in a session in Cambridge (UK) played as The Dawn, and presumably learnt from the afore-mentioned album. I have a recording of that session on tape, and there is an amusing conversation afterwards along the lines of "that’s not the Dawn I know!" and "that’s not how so-and-so plays the Dawn - the B-part’s completely different!".

I’ve already added "The Dawn" as an alternative name, so save yourself the effort of adding it again.

Alias Martin Reilly’s

See "Martin Reilly’s" - already posted in the key of "G".

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Ah well spotted Kenny. Even my advanced search didn’t pick that up. But, "Martin Reilly’s"? ‘,😏

Do you mean Michael Reilly’s?

I’ve seen the version in G called "Michael Reilly’s" several times, never "Martin Reilly’s". It’s "Michael" on Music from the Coleman Country, The Mountain Road, and Trip to Sligo. It’s on Peter Horan and Fred Finn’s album as well — I don’t have liner notes for that but I’m guessing they also call it "Michael Reilly’s".

Perhaps "Martin" comes from the fact Music from the Coleman Country paired the tune with one of Martin Wynne’s?

It’s a great tune, at any rate. Though having the low first notes makes it hard to get other people playing along with the tune on whistle….

BTW, I don’t know how these things usually working around here, but the "recordings of a tune by this name" thing is really misleading in this case, as some (most?) of those recordings are of the "real" "The Dawn".

Also, we were just wondering the other day if Sean Ryan’s name might be a deliberate reference to the other tune — twilight versus dawn.