Three recordings of
The Heather Breeze
Drowsy Maggie

The Heather Breeze (reel) is also known as Feoithne Fhraoch, Gigue à Ti-Mé, The Heathery Braes, The Heathery Breeze, The Maid At The Churn.

Drowsy Maggie (reel) is also known as Drowsey Maggie, Drowsie Maggie, Drowsy Maggy, Maggie Tuirseach, Maggie’s Drowsy.

Full Circle: Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal by Martin McGinley

  1. Drowsey Maggie
  2. The Heathery Braes
  3. The Swallowtail Coat

P.J. Hernon by P.J. Hernon

  1. Drowsy Maggie
  2. The Heather Breeze

Rann na Feirste - Ceol agus Amhráin by Various Artists

  1. Drowsy Maggie
  2. The Heather Breeze
  3. The Swallow’s Tail