James Cameron march

By Jerry Holland

Also known as James Cameron’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: James Cameron
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DE|G2 GFG2 gf|e2 d<eB2ge|d2 ge d>BA<G|B2 A2 A2 DE|
G2 GFG2 gf|e2 d<eB2ge|d2 ge d>BA<c|B2 G2 G2:|
|:B2|c>cc<de2d2|e>cc<eB2ge|d2ge d>BA<G|B2 A2A3 [1 B|
c>cc<de2d2|e>cc<eB2ge|d2ge d>BA<c|B2 G2 G2:|
[2 DE|G2 GFG2 gf|e2 d<eB2ge|d2 ge d>BA<c|B2 G2 G2||

Two comments

This isn’t reelly a real. I mean, really a reel. It’s a march.

Composed by Jerry Holland

Nice to play a march, strathespey and reels in Cape Breton tradition. I leaned a set with this march followed by Miss Ann Moir’s Birthday (strathespey) and Far From Home. Jerry plays a set with: James Cameron, Roderick Cameron’s strathespey, David and Nancy’s Visit, Joys of Mabou Coal Mines and Alex MacIsaac’s reel.

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