The Musical Tour Of Ireland hornpipe

By Tony Sullivan

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Musical Tour Of Ireland
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3fga|bafe dBAF|ABAF A2de|f2df e2de|(3fed af e2 (3fga|
bafe dBAF|ABAF A2de|fdaf edBc|dBAF D2:|
|:FA|Bdcd Bdcd|f2ef d3e|fa (3aba fa (3aba|bafa b2de|
f2ef d2ed|afge fd (3edc|BAFE FABc|BAFE D2:|

Three comments

Dermot Grogan’s (hornpipe)

There’re some tunes associated with Dermot Grogan, including the jig named after his birthplace Kilmovee, Mayo, but this hornpipe is probably least known. I got it from Paul Smyth’s flute playing, and he informs us that the tune comes from the repertoire of the Kilmovee Ceili Band.

Paul Smyth recorded this tune with another lovely hornpipe: I don’t know if this is a traditinoal tune or D. Grogan’s composition.


Hi, slainte - I came across your posting of this tune by accident the other day, and felt sure I’d heard it before. A bit of research found it on a tape recording by Tony “Sully” O’Sullivan, the Manchester banjo player, who you might know from your time living in England. It’s one of his lesser-known compositions, and is in one of his tune collections. The title he gave to it was “The Musical Tour Of Ireland”. Would you like to change the title to that, and if you like , have “Dermot Grogan’s” as an alternative title ? - entirely up to you. Thanks.

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Thanks Kenny. I’m now wondering how the tune was brought to Mayo.