An Phis Thirim slip jig

By Gian Marco Pietrasanta

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So, come on, then … give us a translation!

The same phis transoped to Bminor ( for flute )

T:An Phis Tirim
C:gian marco p.
R:slip jig
dcB BFB dcB|c2A-A2c dcB|FBB-B2c dcB|~f3 fed edc:|:
Bdf bag fef|g2e-e2g- gfe|dcB Bcd cBA:|

Ah … let me venuture a translation, then. How about “O’Farrell’s Farewell To Limerick”?

(transoped = transposed)

“O’Farrell’s Farewell To Limerick” , that is right!

Or “The Inferior Wife”.

Still no translation, though!

Damn … Willie Clancy, you’ve a lot to answer for!


Posted .

Oops … x-posted with you there, Gian Marco. But those who don’t spake God’s own will still be wonderin’!

Durty bastes!

I’m tellin’ my mammy on youse!

Irish language scholars, shouldn’t it be "An Phis THirim, with aspiration after feminine noun? My old teachers did a grand job of putting me off Gaeilge while simultaneously and sometimes literally beating the grammar into me.

you are right longnote , I forgot the “H”.

And the KY? Oh my God … there’ll be some spinning in graves!!

…or wherever. ;)

I prefer An Phis Fhliuch
the tune, of course 😉

Here’s a slightly different setting, extending the B music

K: Emin
|:“Em”GFE EB,E GFE|“Bm”F2D-D2F GFE|“Em”B,2E-E2F GFE|“G”B3 BAG “D”AGF:|
M:9/8 |:“Em”EGB edc BAB|“Am”c2A-A2c- cBA|“Em”GFE EFG FED|
“Em”EGB edc BAB|1“Am”c2A-A2c- cBA|
M: 6/8 “Em”GEE Ez2:|2 “Am”c3 c3|

An Phis Thirim

If you know the real meaning of “An Phis Fliuch”, then “An Phis Thirim” is a much less attractive option - quite the opposite to APF in fact (and I’m not talking about music!)

Re: An Phis Thirim

Lovely tune Gian, I hope you don’t me posting my interpretation. Jack