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One setting

X: 1
T: Catherine McEvoy's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
~G3B dgge|dGAG GEDz|~G3B dgge|dBAE ~A3B|
GzGB dgge|dGAG GEDz|1 ~g3d egge|dBAD ~G3z:|2 g2eg dege|dBAD ~G3z||
|:~g3a b2ag|~g2fg edBd|~g3a baaf|gage ~a3z|
[1~g3a b2ag|~g2fg egdz|GDGB dege|dGAD ~G3z:|
[2gbag egge|dBBz AGEG|DG~G2 DEGE|DEAG GEDE||

Five comments

Source: Traditional Flute Music In The Sligo-Roscommon Style by Catherine McEvoy With Felix Dolan
Transcription: gmp

Tricky tune

Seems fairly simple and straight forward. But the last few bars, second part, second time around are different than the setting presented here. I suppose whatever works, works. But I have the ending a bit different.

Seldom played?

Not a tune played very often. I was surprised to hear Robert Crosbie play it in Cooley’s House Pub, Ennistymon, this Christmas Eve.

Composer ?

I have a recording of Catherine playing this tune for a Willie Week flute class in 1980, I think it was. I’ve been busy doing a transcription, but did a check and “gianmarco” has beaten me to it. A very fine flute tune indeed. Does anyone know if it’s Catherine’s own composition ? I don’t have that CD, so have no access to the sleeve notes.

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I have just bought this excellent cd and the sleeve notes do say that this is one of Catherine’s own compositions