Monster Of Polska three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: Monster Of Polska
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:a3g f2a2 g2f2|a3g f2a2g2f2|_b3a g2_b2a2g2|_b3ag2_b2 c'4:|
d3c d2e2f2d2|dedc dfag fgfe|d3c d2e2f2d2|dedc dfag fgfe|
d3c d2e2f2d2|dedc dfag fgfe|d3c d2e2f2d2|fgfe ded=c_ B=c_BA|\
|:G,3B,D2G2B2D2|=E3F=E2C2 DCB,A,|G,3B,D2G2B2D2|=E3F=E2C2 D4:|

Four comments

Monster of Polska

This tune has to be my all time favourite!!! Ever since I heard Kerfuffle play it at the BBC radio 2 young folk awards i have been scouring my tune books for it. You have just made my day!!!


I learnt this from the Kerfuffle lot! We are quite good friends. I agree that it is an awesokme tune.


I have just discovered i have made a slight error. All B’s in the C part are B naturals instead of B flats. Ooops. Sorry!


This tune was composed by fiddler Ville Ojanen and first recorded by the Finnish band Troka on their 1999 album Smash.